The Book of Revelation-Journey Through the Bible-Materials Only

The Book of Revelation-Journey Through the Bible-Materials Only
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The Book of Revelation, the final book in our Journey through the Bible, is the summing up of the whole of God’s dealings with mankind, and with the devil. In this one book the Holy Spirit gave its author, the apostle John, the sweeping purpose of God from its beginning to its end to completely and eternally redeem mankind, whom the devil had stolen from God, and through His Son, Jesus Christ, the restoration of mankind to everything God created them for, and of the earth, to be all God created it to be.

The Book of Revelation is God’s great masterpiece. It’s not gloom and doom. It’s the greatest love story ever written that He would not only tell you what will happen in the end time, but how you can personally be prepared for it.


Features:Courses for the Journey through the Bible Online Lecture Track include online video class sessions and do not require books or other study materials. The Book of Revelation course is available online on our donor website at  An optional Journey through the Bible workbook is available for purchase for this course.  A Certificate of Completion will be issued upon completion of this course when the workbook is purchased and completed and assignments mailed to the Oral Roberts Ministries for evaluation and recording. A Certificate of Completion is not awarded without the purchase and completion of the optional workbook. 


It is recommended that students use their personal copy of The Holy Bible when watching class sessions as Richard and Lindsay often refer to scripture as a part of the lessons.


Product Details:Students who desire to take The Book of Revelation course online are required to establish an account on our donor website at  After registering for the account students may watch all of the Online Lecture Track courses on the website. Online class sessions are available anytime day or night and are offered “on demand”— meaning that students may start and stop the class sessions anytime they desire depending on their own personal schedules. 


There is an optional workbook available for purchase for each Journey through the Bible course. If the workbook is purchased it will be mailed to students as a supplement to the online Bible study. Students are required to watch all online class sessions, complete all workbook assignments, and mail a self-assessment questionnaire (class session quizzes) to the Oral Roberts Ministries for evaluation and recording. Students who watch all required online classes and satisfactorily complete and submit the self-assessment questionnaire will be mailed a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of each course in the series. Students who complete certificate requirements for all Journey through the Bible series courses (Genesis through Revelation) will be mailed an Advanced Journey through the Bible Certificate at the conclusion of the entire series.

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