The Holy Spirit's Work Today- Legacy Series- DVD & Materials

The Holy Spirit's Work Today- Legacy Series- DVD & Materials

DVD Advanced Certificate Track: $60.00 (FREE Shipping!)

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Do you know that Jesus promised you a gift that can empower you to have a new dimension of God’s power to live your life? That gift is the precious Holy Spirit, and He is available today to help you in ways you may have never dreamed possible!

In this course, Richard takes you through the Bible to study the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. You will gain a clearer knowledge and understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian, and how to be led by the Holy Spirit. The course also includes a session on demons, the devil, and your victory over them.

Empowered by the person and work of the Holy Spirit, you will discover a personal journey into discipleship—which is truly the only way you can follow Christ.
Product Features:The DVD Advanced Certificate Track includes six to twelve class sessions by DVD; class quizzes; and a supplemental course package of Oral Roberts Ministries materials including a book(s); and a course study guide detailing reading and other course requirements.Product Details:The DVD Advanced Certificate Track requires watching class sessions by DVD and completing a quiz for each class session. Supplemental reading and other course assignments are outlined in the study guide. The DVDs and books will be mailed to the address provided by the student at the time of purchase. The student will mail the completed quiz packet and other required assignments back to the Oral Roberts Ministries for evaluation. The advanced certificate of completion will be mailed to the student upon successful completion of the course.
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