Biblical Revelation of the End Times- Legacy Series- DVD & Materials

Biblical Revelation of the End Times- Legacy Series- DVD & Materials

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What does the future hold? What lies just ahead? Is Jesus returning soon? What are the biblical signs of His return? Such are the questions that are uppermost in the minds of people everywhere. Many live in fear, not knowing which way to turn. Nations are perplexed; leaders are baffled. Uncertainty is everywhere. Unfortunately, many today are turning to astrologers, psychics, and fortune-tellers, seeking answers to their questions about the future.

But God’s Word is the one proven source of fully accurate knowledge of the future. The Holy Bible has described hundreds of future events in fine detail over a span of thousands of years. And the Bible has plenty to say about events that are yet to come!

Join Richard Roberts for powerful teaching sessions to learn more about biblical prophecy and a discussion of world events. Also in this course, students will discover what the Bible says every Christian should be doing at this time in history as we watch and wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Students will be encouraged to share what they are learning with friends, loved ones, neighbors, and others.

Also included in this course is a special guest lecture by Dr. Hilton Sutton, a foremost authority in Bible prophecy and end-time events. 

(Dr. Sutton has since gone on to be with the Lord, and we are so honored that he was able to lecture at our School before his home going.)Product Features:The DVD Advanced Certificate Track includes six to twelve class sessions by DVD; class quizzes; and a supplemental course package of Oral Roberts Ministries materials including a book(s); and a course study guide detailing reading and other course requirements.Product Details:The DVD Advanced Certificate Track requires watching class sessions by DVD and completing a quiz for each class session. Supplemental reading and other course assignments are outlined in the study guide. The DVDs and books will be mailed to the address provided by the student at the time of purchase. The student will mail the completed quiz packet and other required assignments back to the Oral Roberts Ministries for evaluation. The advanced certificate of completion will be mailed to the student upon successful completion of the course.
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