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19 for 2019 Package

19 for 2019 Package
19 for 2019 Package

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This faith-building Package will help you stand strong and not be knocked over when the storms of life come. Enjoy 19 of some of Oral, Richard, and Lindsay Roberts most requested items, which include • 5 Books – He’s a Healing Jesus; Read, then Pray & then Obey; Unstoppable Increase; The Return & Christ in Every Book of the Bible • 2 CDs – Start Your Day with Prayer & Your Secret Weapon-The Unlimited Power within You • 4 DVDs – Wake Up! Jesus Is Coming Sooner Than You Think; What’s in Your Box?; Last Days Prosperity & The Fourth Man • 7 Booklets – A Supernatural Way to Pray; Hearing the Voice of God; Overcoming Fear with Faith; The Authority You Have in Jesus’ Name; How to Release Your Faith through a Point of Contact; Breaking Free from Debt & Prayer Cover Scriptures, plus a That Your Faith Not Fail Declaration CardThey will strengthen you as you believe for healing, restoration, finances, and more. This package is valued at $119 but is available for a limited time for your gift of $69 or more. 


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